Hello, my Crafting sisters!

As seen on my Tik Tok, I received an email clarification on terms or use of sublimation prints and downloadable files. Here is the email script:

Hi Stephanie,
Thank you for reaching out to us and I hope your day is going well so far.
You may certainly use the content from our library to create designs that will be printed on your items or merchandise for sale as long as the use is within the permitted use of our media license. However, you can't sell digital prints if the design will be in a downloadable format (Example: PDF, PNG, etc.) where multiple people can download or purchase off of a website as an example because our Content License doesn't cover this. As a work-around, you may want to design a template created for use on Canva (i.e. a template that brings your customers back to design in Canva) for sale online. Kindly note that if your Canva template has Pro content, your customers will be prompted to pay for all the Pro content in it upon download if they are on the Standard (Free) version of Canva.
Allow us to give you more information about our Content License for your future reference. All content (photos, graphics, illustrations, stickers, fonts, videos) available for the Canva Pro subscription is licensed under Canva’s Content License Agreement.


As long as you incorporate the stock media on a design by adding elements, photos, texts, videos, or backgrounds, you can comply with Canva’s Content License Agreement and are free to do the following:


  • download designs with Pro and Free content
  • use your design in promotional campaigns
  • print your design for personal purposes
  • print your design for promotional purposes or use media in printed items for selling without limits
  • use media in a design and publish on your website or blog
  • use media in your website without any alterations (only up to 600x800 or 800x600 pixels)
  • print design on products for selling


Note that you will no longer be able to download raw and original images through our Photos Marketplace.


To find out more about our license, you may check the following articles:


We hope this helps! Please let us know if you need further assistance.
Kind regards,

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