Craft Tip Tuesday!

Craft Tip Tuesday!

I have only been crafting for about a year now and I am still learning new things and teaching others. I was scrolling through TikTok one late night/early morning ( if you don't have TikTok you NEED IT FOR CRAFTING) and I came across this clip on sublimating a 20oz tumbler in a Cricut mug press.....and I had to try it and IT WORKED!! LET ME TELL YA HOW

Supplies needed:

Sublimation tumbler

sublimation ink, printer and paper

Cricut Mug Press

Oven mitten or heat safe gloves

Heat tape



  1. Plug in and turn on your Cricut Mug Press
  2. Print out the image ( for 20 oz 9.4x8.2 works for me )
  3. Trim off all excess white paper ( make sure you don't leave any behind or it will show on your tumbler and cause the image to look spotty)
  4. Line up, wrap, and tape (there is never too much tape)
  5. Tape an "X" across the top of the tumbler MAKE SURE ITS TIGHT AND STIFF you don't want this to buckle...…trust me this part is important. NO SHRINK WRAP IS NEEDED
  6. Place tumbler open side up in the press and press the lever down. The light will flash but then turn off not to worry its still on and hot but if it tries to "countdown" for you not a problem just push the lever up then back down.
  7. Start a timer for 6 minutes. turning (quarter of the way) ever 2 minutes 
  8. Remove tumbler and flip upside down ( this is where the "X" comes in handy because it wont allow the cup to goo all the way to the bottom and cause ghosting on the rim of the tumbler.....your welcome lol)
  9. Repeat step 7
  10. With the oven mitten or heat safe glove remove the tumbler and allow to cool before peeling!

ALL DONE! let me know if you try this method out and I would love to see your pictures. Let me know if ya'll think I should do a video tutorial! :)

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