All tumblers are stainless steel and double wall insulated.  I use the HOGG brand tumblers which maintain your hot drinks hot, and your cold drinks cold for hours!
Tumbler Facts
Whether you are new to owning a tailored cup or a pro there are still some things you need to know to improve the longevity of your tumbler. Upon receiving your new cup we encourage that you wash it with soap and water before the first usage and don’t let it soak. Please refrain from placing them in the dishwasher to clean or heating in the microwave, these are to be HAND WASHED ONLY. Even though they are coated in a few layers of epoxy resin does not make them invincible so please try not to drop them or leave them in extreme heat. If your tumbler has custom bling wash that area by hand with care.
Return or Exchange policy
Due to COVID-19 and other personalized options, all sales are final. If during transit your items are broken or damaged in any way, we do offer to remake the product either free of cost of half priced (depending on situation) however you must provide a photograph of the damaged cup and box it was shipped in. If you decide you would like to ship the item yourself and it gets damaged unfortunately you are responsible to pay the full amount of that customized product to replace it. All items are made in a sanitary and clean work area with sanitized gloved hands and masked faces to ensure the safety of us the creator and you the customer.
I provide an assortment of different creations and shipping times can range from 1 to 4 weeks. All items will be placed either in a padded bubble mailer or a box with additional packaging to ensure that all items do not arrive broke or damaged.
Creation timeline
When you inquire about a custom creation and discussed what you are wanting, I will email you an invoice using Square. Once the invoice is paid then I will begin the designing process. All my designs are created on my iPad Pro using programs such as Canva, Procreate, Microsoft Word, and Cricut Design Space. Upon design completion, proof of the design will be sent to you via email, Facebook message, or from my One Crafting Momma Instagram account. From there you will look over the design and make sure that is it the design you want, check spelling errors, add or take away, or any other changes that need to be made. It is your responsibility to make sure the design is exactly what you are wanting, and names or sayings are spelled correctly. Once the proof is approved then the creation process will begin.
Epoxy timeline
This is the most exciting part of the creation process applying epoxy resin. During this process, your tumbler will be prepped, spray-painted, or glittered (if part of the design). Next, I will allow the paint and or glitter to fully dry for 24 hours. After the paint (or glitter) is fully dried Mod Podge acrylic sealer will be applied then dried for at least 20 minutes. When the sealer is dry the first layer of epoxy will be applied. We try our best to provide the best results in our tumblers and we use the Makerpoxy brand which is BPA-free and safe for food and beverage. Using this brand will give your creation the perfect glossy glass-like finish. From this stage, we will allow the tumbler to spin and cure for at least 8 hours before moving on to the next step. If glitter was used more than one coat of epoxy resin will have to be applied. Now that this layer has cured, I will sand down any rough patches that may be on the cup and then vinyl decals will be placed. The final coat of epoxy will then be applied and fully cure for 24 hours. To better present, your new tumbler professionally any extra paint, epoxy, or glitter will be cleaned from inside the cup.  Photos of the finished product will be sent to you so you can see your custom creation. If tumbler contains personal photos of you or your family, we will ALWAYS ask for permission to post a display photo to all our social media sites. Before we ship your creation to its new home your tumbler will be sanitized and packed to perfection for a safe trip to you! Please note that the epoxy can be a little out of my control and a lot of variables can change how it reacts. If extra steps are needed and will prolong the shipping date you will be notified. All of my creations are handmade, and I strive for excellence and perfection, but some minor flaws may be noticed.